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A Páscoa está quase chegando! quarta-feira, 5 março, 2008

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A Páscoa na América do Norte ainda é mais significativa pra mim porque a primavera chega com lindas flores e temperaturas agradáveis.

Esse passo-a-passo de como arrumar flores e balas é de 2004  e era para uma matéria de Valentine’s Day mas é bonito em qualquer época!

Sweetheart Arrangement

Flowers and candy are the touchstones of courtship and romance. But handing over a bouquet and a box of chocolates isn’t the only way to show you’re sweet on someone. The intense reds of tulips such as ‘Red Nova’ and ‘Pallada’ will prove that your affection has not waned. And the profusion of spicy cinnamon candies lining the vase is an elegant display of your heartfelt emotion.

2 nesting glass vases or containers (such as a drinking glass), one shorter and at least an inch narrower
Cinnamon heart candies (about 1 1/2 pounds)
2 dozen tulips
Rubber band
Floral or other knife

Candy Vase How-To
Pair festive candy or foil-wrapped chocolates with flowers in the same color family.

1. Place a vase inside another that’s taller and at least 1 inch wider; if the rims don’t align, add candy to the outer vase to eliminate the height difference. Fill the gap between vases with candy. Fill small vase halfway with water.

2. Secure stems of a tight bunch of flowers with a rubber band; trim evenly with a sharp knife.

3. Set bouquet inside smaller vase. Add more water if necessary. This arrangement will last 5 to 7 days.

Conversation Piece

A valentine of any age will enjoy the fun messages that this arrangement delivers. Pastel candy


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